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“Your choice for enjoying the richness of the Brazilian cousine in all its flavors, in a casual and friendly atmosphere, as you expecience with friends and family delicious meals and craft cocktails, or share Brazilian-inspired appetizers and small plates.”.

Our menu is carefully selected to offer you a truly Brazilian gastronomical experience, as our purpose is to offer you, your friends and your loved ones a little “piece of Brazil” in the USA, whether it be through our food, music and cultural ambience, always full of friendship, happiness and peace of mind, all typical of Brazil!

Gostinho de Brasil

A little taste of Brazil

Canto do Brasil Bistro is dedicated to offering a cuisine and environment that preserves the flavor and eating culture of Brazil. The menu has been prepared keeping in mind the richness of flavors that keeps customers coming back for more.

It is a place where you can enjoy not only delicious food, but also great live Brazilian music which makes it a cozy and warm environment to all. Come to try our Brazilian experience and feel it for yourself!



Brazil, the largest and the only Portuguese speaking country in South America, has a wonderful variety of traditional foods. Brazilian cuisine is a result of a combination of key ingredients brought by different cultures that arrived into our country. It all started with the colonization by the Portuguese in the 16th century. During our history many other different nationalities introduced a variety of elements and dishes for example the Italians (pizza, pasta), the Spanish (empanadillas - empadinhas), the Arabs (spiha, lamb, kibbeh), the Chinese and Japanese (wontons – pastels). Rice and beans is a staple of the Brazilian diet. They are usually eaten with a protein (meat or eggs), salads, farofa (a toasted flour of manioc or corn).

The afternoon snack (merenda or lanchinho) is a small meal between lunch and dinner, and it could consist of coffee, tea or chimarrão, which is a traditional infusion of the South, accompanied by cookies, typical cakes or bread. Dinner consists of a light meal of soups, salads and vegetables, and pasta and rice-and-beans are the most common dishes. Feijoada is without a doubt the undisputed national dish. It is a recipe of thick black bean stew served with rice and a variety of pork meats. It was invented by the slaves who were brought from Africa, during colonization to work in the large estates and plantations in Brazil. The slaves would smuggle the leftover food from their masters’ houses and make a stew.

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